Infrastructure Plan for Chesterfield Inlet

2023 / 2024

To Improve and maintain the current Community Infrastructure and Assets and avoid operating in a FINANCIAL deficit position. The number one priority on the ICSP plan per the direction of the Mayor and Council is to secure sufficient funds to establish their new Municipal quarry and acquire a new larger Crusher with GN-CGS funds. With the help of their Hamlet contracted Geo technical Engineer and blast a minimal of at least 30,000 cubic meters of rock by fall 2023 for new community Infrastructure projects and Hamlet road maintenance.


Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Alternative Sources New Establish power transmission from Manitoba, current power is costly and produces high levels of greenhouse gases

Municipal Infrastructure

Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Fire Hall Renovate COMPLETED IN 2021-2022-Fire Hall flooring needs to be replaced with gravel as the floor is replaced every year to ensure the fire truck does not fall through the floor
Street Lights Renovate our street lights are old and almost useless in a lot of the residential areas around our Hamlet, we require new energy efficient lights on all power poles and will have QEC instal them this coming summer.
Maintenance Garage - Hamlet Renovate Our currrent maintenance garage is quite old and requires  better heating and lighting as it is very difficult for our employees to work in the current building safely during the winter months. Also the current vehicles just fit in the parking space and there is little to no room to work around the vehicles. The tight space becomes a safety issue. We do not have lifting ability in our maintenance garage so the workers must lay on a very cold floor in the winter as the heaters can not produce enough heat. When the building is renovated there should be a plan to put heat system in the floor. GARAGE HAS BEEN REPAIRED IN 2021-22   
Hamlet Office New Building was built in 1985. No sprinkler systems. Out dated fire alarm system, automated power back does not work. EMO (Emerg Mgt), is in a secondary reception area. Building has had fuel spills, joists were soaked in fuel posing severe fire hazard. The entire building is very noon fire resistant. Hamlet building needs to be renovated or a new build. No sprinkler system in place as current building was built in 1985. Fire hazards are a plenty. The building is not up to code.
Parking Garage - Hamlet New NEW SIX BAY PARKING GARAGE. PHASE 1 -PARKING STUDY COMPLETED IN 2023. PHASE 2-DESIGN STUDY TO BE COMPLETED BY MARCH 31, 2024. As the community has grown we have not kept up with the parking garages for the equipment that the Hamlet has acquired. Also the vehicles are larger then years past we are using tandem trucks instead of single axle. Garbage trucks are larger to accommodate the increase garbage citizens are discarding. The current building built in the 1970's and is past its life span. We would need a six bay garage to accommodate all the vehicles and have it large enough for the future. PHASE 1 OF THE PARKING GARAGE PLAN HAS BEEN COMPLETED IN 2023. The Next PHASE 2-DESIGN of project is underway. Hamlet requires 6 bay garage to house their PWS vehicles. Current garage has improper heat and lack of space. Many safety issues. The PWS cannot be kept warm and up and running vehicles properly due to being frozen in the cold garage. Services are then reduced and the Hamlet suffers.


Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Deep Sea Port New with the construction of the mine, and now the expansion of the mine the amount of shipping through Chesterfield Inlet to Baker lake has continually increased and it is causing an effect on the wildlife and sea mammels in the area and the amount of shipping is also causing concerns regarding an accident in the Inlet Allthis shipping provided no benefit to the community, the construction of a deep sea port would provide a benefit to the community and also keep larger vessels out of the Inlet
Small Craft Harbour New current dock is dangerous and people have fallen trying to get down to the water and the current floating dock is damaged and needs replacing. We have welded patches on the floats so the dock would not sink. The salt water has corroded the metal float to a point we can not patch any longer. We are in need of a larger docking system that will allow boat to dock even at low tide. At this point the dock is on the ground at low boats can not dock.


Asset Action Required Problem Summary
School Renovate School has 120 registered sudents and has limited space for programs and activities
Day Care Renovate DAYCARE UPGRADE. Current daycare is in an old house, and renovations are required, the waiting list has 24 children. The daycare needs to be enhance with pre-school program and playground. Daycare needs to be renovated to offer more spaces and ensure building is up to code.
Playground - School New Community Playground requires new infrastructure as the current one is very old, jagged sharp edges and major safety issue as the risk of children harming themselves is high.

Social Gathering Centers

Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Youth Center New Establish Youth drop in centre and Elders Facility, would allow elders passing on traditional knowledge to the younger generation. Youth Drop in Centre to be coupled with an Elder's facility - this helps keep older and younger generations connected and offers Elders the ability to pass down traditional knowledge.


Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Other New New large facility would allow for higher traffic use
Other New Biology laboratory supporting the affects on the mining sector
Other Renovate Redevelop St. Theresa's Hospital as an arts/heritage/culture centre/office facility

Traditional Economy

Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Traditional Foods Processing Facility New Commercial Fishery to establish fish processing plant to sustain economic development and infrastructure, and provide income to families/ employment, or training initiatives. There would be jobs in the plant and also payments for fish harvesting. As this Hamlet has a large fish quota it would be a viable business model.

Solid Waste

Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Waste Compactor New Solid waste compactor, to extend the life of the small capacity landfill
Fence - Landfill New Hamlet requires a new fence at our solid landfill location  - currently  garbage is blown all over the tundra due to inadequate and old broken down  fencing.
Tire Shredder New The Hamlet has a large number of tires in the landfill whcih are bulky and taking a large area of the dump. Also we have all of the old water fill pipe in the dump which should have been recycled when the GN replaced the water fill line. These pipes could be shreaded also to take up less space. Some of the new shredders can shread light metals from appliances which wouled sigifiantly reduce space in the landfill.

Adult Education

Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Adult Learning Center New The current adult learning center is small and can only run one program at a time which drastically reduces the amount of training that can be done in the community at one time


Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Roads - Territorial New Build road from Chesterfield Inlet to Rankin Inlet
Land Access Road New Build road to Josephine lake. Josephine lake is the main arctic char fishing spot in the fall, fisherman catch fish and bring to fish processing plant in exchange for income. having a road in that direction would help with search and rescue missions as there is a high traffic coming or going to Rankin inlet all year.

Commercial Facilities

Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Hotel New Expand hotel/establish new hotel to allow for meetings and conferences to be held in the community


Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Water Treatment Plant Renovate The current water treatment plant is an injection only water plant. The intake pipe has severe rusting and needs to be replaced. The electrical system need to also be replaced due to issues between main power and generator. There is pre filtering of the water or a holding tank for contact time to happen. At this point it is probably cheaper to have a new plant built and replace the exiting water plant.
Wastewater Treatment Renovate The sewage lagoons for the Hamlet are now completely full of solids and the solids are spilling over the berm into the wetlands. The Hamlet would like to conduct a study on the best way to remediate the lagoon problem
Equipment - Water/Wastewater New NEW FLOATING DOCK. Build of a new floating dock or source out and cost out a resin type of modular block docking systems that can be expanded on & taken apart easier at the end of the season

Sports and Recreation

Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Arena Renovate Renovate Arena and Expand Arena to make it usable in the summer
Swimming Pool New Indoor Swimming Pool. To provide recreational activities and teach survival skills


Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Staff Housing - Hamlet Renovate The current staff house owned by the Hamlet is in need of a major renovation. The windows and doors need to be replaced as someone has broken into the many times and the lock and doors are broken. The kitchen needs to be replaced along with the appliances. The furnace and water tank need to be replaced. The bathroom needs a complete renovation including the ventilation.

Municipal Operations

Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Quarry - Gravel New Develop quarry/gravel site within the community municipal boundaries and closer to the community than the depleted quarries. Currently there is less then one years or less of gravel remaining. The community is surrounded by bedrock and blasting is the only ideal option. Need to develop quarry, gravel site and conduct blasting of bedrock in the new identified Quarry located near the Community Dump and within Hamlet boundary.
Equipment - Municipal New mobile garbage incinerator is required at our landfill. Our Hamlet has a very small landfill and we need to enhance our capacity to compact and/or burn garbage to increase space  and to preserve the shelf life of our landfill. With an incinerator we could reduce the amount of garbage along with the clear burning of waste.  
Crusher New ACQUIRE A NEW LARGER CRUSHER. The Community is at a standstill to move new infrastructure projects forward due to having no larger crusher to blast larger rocks. To solve the problem, the Hamlet needs to Acquire a new larger crusher as the Community does not own one nor is there one in the Community as of 2023. The Hamlet's smaller crusher is in poor operational shape and does not have the capacity to crush larger rock. Te Hamlet needs a new larger Crusher to crust their projected 2024 blasted rock.


Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Health Center New Build a new Health Centre. The existing Health Center is not adequate for the current population and not enough space for the visiting locum nurses, doctors, dentists and specialists. The building is too small and not big enough for all the equipment and necessary freight & storage items.