Infrastructure Plan for Chesterfield Inlet

2018 / 2019

Social Gathering Centers

Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Youth Center New Establish Youth drop in centre and Elders Facility, would allow elders passing on traditional knowledge to the younger generation


Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Water Intake Pumphouse New The raw water pump that pumps water from the lake to the reservoir needs to be replaced..
Water Transmission Line New Replace the water transmission line. The pipe has pasted is life and needs to be replaced. Also the substructure that it rests on needs to be replaced. This pipe fills our reservoir for the community water source.
Water Treatment Plant Renovate Install water filtration systems

Sports and Recreation

Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Swimming Pool New Indoor Swimming Pool. To provide recreational activities and teach survival skills
Arena Renovate Renovate Arena and Expand Arena to make it usable in the summer

Commercial Facilities

Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Hotel New Expand hotel/establish new hotel to allow for meetings and conferences to be held in the community

Municipal Operations

Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Quarry - Gravel New Develop quarry/gravel site, currently there is less then 2 years of gravel remaining. The community is surrounded by bedrock and blasting is the only ideal option


Asset Action Required Problem Summary
School Renovate School has 120 registered sudents and has limited space for programs and activities
Day Care Renovate Current daycare is in an old house, and renovations are required, the waiting list has 24 children. The daycare needs to be enhance with pre-school program and playground


Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Other New New large facility would allow for higher traffic use
Other Renovate Redevelop St. Theresa's Hospital as an arts/heritage/culture centre/office facility
Other New Biology laboratory supporting the affects on the mining sector


Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Alternative Sources New Establish power transmission from Manitoba, current power is costly and produces high levels of greenhouse gases


Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Roads - Territorial New Build road from Chesterfield Inlet to Rankin Inlet
Land Access Road New Build road to Josephine lake. Josephine lake is the main arctic char fishing spot in the fall, fisherman catch fish and bring to fish processing plant in exchange for income. having a road in that direction would help with search and rescue missions as there is a high traffic coming or going to Rankin inlet all year.

Solid Waste

Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Waste Compactor New Solid waste compactor, to extend the life of the small capacity landfill

Municipal Infrastructure

Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Parking Garage - Hamlet New current building built in the 1970's and is past its life span
Hamlet Office New Building was built in 1985. No sprinkler systems. Out dated fire alarm system, automated power back does not work. EMO (Emerg Mgt), is in a secondary reception area. Building has had fuel spills, joists were soaked in fuel posing severe fire hazard. The entire building is very noon fire resistant.
Fire Hall Renovate Fire Hall flooring needs to be replaced with gravel as the floor is replaced every year to ensure the fire truck does not fall through the floor

Traditional Economy

Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Traditional Foods Processing Facility New Establish fish processing plant to provide income to families


Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Terminal New Current terminal is in need of major repairs and does not accommodate current requirements of people and freight


Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Small Craft Harbour New current dock is dangerous and people have fallen trying to get down to the water and the current floating dock is damaged and needs replacing
Deep Sea Port New with the construction of the mine, and now the expansion of the mine the amount of shipping through Chesterfield Inlet to Baker lake has continually increased and it is causing an effect on the wildlife and sea mammels in the area and the amount of shipping is also causing concerns regarding an accident in the Inlet Allthis shipping provided no benefit to the community, the construction of a deep sea port would provide a benefit to the community and also keep larger vessels out of the Inlet


Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Heritage Center New Develop an interpretive centre to house historic information

Adult Education

Asset Action Required Problem Summary
Adult Learning Center New The current adult learning center is small and can only run one program at a time which drastically reduces the amount of training that can be done in the community at one time