About Cambridge Bay

Along the shores of the Queen Maud Gulf on the southeast coast of Victoria Island, nestled beside high hills, lies Cambridge Bay, the regional center for the Kitikmeot Region at N69 07' W105 03'. The traditional name for Cambridge Bay, Iqaluktuuttiaq, means "one with plenty of fish", for the excellent fishing that can be found in lakes and rivers nearby.

Over the centuries, Cambridge Bay was often used as a summer gathering place for the Copper Inuit (so called by the non-Inuit because they made many of their tools and weapons from copper). The Copper Inuit were attracted to the region because of its abundance of good hunting, notably seals, caribou and arctic char. Caribou and char are local food staples to this day, and continue to provide work and income for Inuit.

The Hudson's Bay Company arrived in 1921, late by Canadian standards. The company purchased the Maud, explorer Roald Amundsen's schooner, for use as a supplies and trading ship. This little piece of Arctic history was used for years before being left to sink to the bottom of the harbour, where its hull can still be seen today.

Total Population: 1,697